Who We Are

All Saints Anglican Church offers traditional Anglican worship and fellowship to those with Anglican/Episcopal, Roman Catholic, or Protestant backgrounds, as well as those without church affiliation as they seek salvation through Jesus Christ. Our rector is the Reverend Ian MacGregor. The Holy Communion is our primary worship, supplemented by services of Morning and Evening Prayer.

Services at All Saints Anglican Church are based upon The Book of Common Prayer (1928). We use the 1940 traditional hymnal. The Worship of God is the focus of all our services and is both our obligation and our joy. We worship through song, prayer, Holy Scripture, and homily or sermon. The King James (Authorized) Version  of the Holy Bible is used in our services, although many translations are used in our study and personal devotions. The beauty of our service and the majestic language of The Book of Common Prayer appeal to us all.

Our tradition preserves the best of the music, prayer, and forms of 2000 years of Christianity. We offer Biblical preaching, study opportunities, and the gift of our time and treasure to those in need both locally and worldwide. We are part of the Reformed Episcopal Church and, through the REC, the Anglican Church in North America. Join with us, no matter your background, in seeking to give God His due reverence through worship and service.